Prairie Ridge Aviary offers the following ornamental pheasants for sale:
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                                                                     Lady Amherst Pheasant      $55.00/pair        Hens $35.00 a piece

                                  SOLD OUT FOR 2016 EXCEPT FOR ONE MALE      


                                                                                Yellow Golden Pheasant      $50.00/pair     Hens $30.00 a piece   
                                                                       Red Golden Pheasant           $45.00/pair    Hens $30.00 a piece
                                                                        Reeve's Pheasant                 $45.00/pair    
                                                                     Elliot's Pheasant                   $110.00/pair     Hens are $70.00 a piece
                                    sold out except for ONE male that is available for $60 

                                                                         Swinhoe Pheasant               $55.00/pair       Hens are $35.00 a piece


                                                                          Silver Pheasant                   $40.00/pair  
                                  ONLY HENS LEFT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME.        

Will start shipping birds in the fall when temperatures are favorable. 
 48 hour Express Mail Delivery is available in the continental United States for $70.00 for one bird, $90.00 for a pair, and $130.00 for three or four birds.