Prairie Ridge Aviary offers the following ornamental pheasants for sale:
            .                 .

                                                                     Lady Amherst Pheasant      $55.00/pair        Hens $35.00 a piece

                                  SOLD OUT FOR 2016 EXCEPT FOR ONE MALE      


                                                                                Yellow Golden Pheasant      $50.00/pair     Hens $30.00 a piece   
                                                    ONLY HAVE TWO HENS LEFT FOR SALE         
                                                                       Red Golden Pheasant           $45.00/pair    Hens $30.00 a piece
                                     Sold out except for two males  and two females               
                                                                        Reeve's Pheasant                 $45.00/pair      SOLD OUT FOR 2016
                                                                     Elliot's Pheasant                   $110.00/pair     Hens are $70.00 a piece
                                    sold out except for ONE male that is available for $60 

                                                                         Swinhoe Pheasant               $55.00/pair       Hens are $35.00 a piece

                                             Only two males left for sale at $30 each

                                                                          Silver Pheasant                   $40.00/pair    Hen for $25.00 
                                  sold out for this season        

Will start shipping birds in the fall when temperatures are favorable. 
 48 hour Express Mail Delivery is available in the continental United States for $70.00 for one bird, $90.00 for a pair, and $130.00 for three or four birds.