Prairie Ridge Aviary specializes in producing strong and hardy greater prairie chickens.  Hatching eggs are available in the months of May and June and young birds are available from September through March each year.





Due to the quality and hatch rate this year, unsexed young birds are $75.00 a piece for the months of August and September only.  A great opportunity to buy the best for less.


     Hatching eggs are $250.00 a dozen postage free
     Birds are $150.00 a piece

     Proven Breeder birds are available this year for $200.00 a piece all year around.

     Build your own flock by ordering the sex ratio that you want for your operation.  The prairie chickens do well in pairs, trios, or quads.

     Birds may be picked up at the aviary or shipped by Express Mail in the continental United States.  Current charges are $55.00 for one bird, $75.00 for two birds, and $110.00 for three or four birds.